Minneapolis Foundation Repair

In business since 1995, J&M concrete and waterproofing specializes in Minneapolis foundation repair, to give you a drier and safer home.  If you have your Twin Cities home has foundation problems, we are the foundation contractor Minneapolis has been looking for!  We provide affordable and permanent repairs to foundations, ensuring that you get the quality and protection you need to keep your house dry.

If you have cracks in your floor, walls or ceiling – we can help you.

Minneapolis foundation that were built over a century ago can be vulnerable to climate change. Foundation cracks can vary in severity from an uncomplicated cosmetic problem to a major issue with your house. Although, even serious foundation issues, when addressed on time, can be permanently and quickly fixed. But for that, you are supposed to make a wise move at first.

Cracks in the foundation walls are formed because of 3 main reasons:

Settlement of Foundation

Sometimes the soil underneath the foundation of a home is the reason when it fails to support the weight of the home, then the foundation walls will start to settle unevenly, and obviously, the cracks will appear.

Curing Concrete

As concrete cures, it is an ordinary issue for small cracks to appear in most of the foundation walls. These cracks in foundation walls are very common, and they are not a sign of a major foundation issue.
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Expansive Soils

If you’ve clay soils around your house, they can contract and expand significantly when they become wet.

If you see the signs of foundation failure in your house, don’t wait to contact a foundation repair expert. J&M concrete and waterproofing can help put you in touch with their professional team of foundation repair contractors in Minneapolis.

We Do Foundation Repair In MN

Are any of your foundation walls buckling, cracked, bowed or damaged? Ignoring this major problem could be costly.

No matter what kinds of issues you are facing with your foundation walls, our Minneapolis Foundation Repair team of is here to help. At J&M concrete and waterproofing, we repair foundations in Minneapolis and Minnesota every day.

We have been providing quality services since 1995. We are licensed and insured for your protection.