Foundation Repair Service St Paul

J & M’s Foundation Repair Service in St Paul offers a wide variety of basement, foundation repair, crawl space, and other solutions for homes, businesses, and other building structures throughout the greater St Paul and Twin Cities area.

A strong foundation is the backbone of your home, cabin, or business. The foundation is essential to ensure the integrity to your home or any other building structure. If you are concerned about the structural soundness of your foundation, seek the assistance of a foundation contractor for foundation repair. At no cost, J & M will provide a thorough inspection of your foundation to locate the root of the problem. We provide reasonable, reliable and appropriate fixes (not patches) tailored to the unique needs of your home or business, your timeframe, and your budget.

J & M is proud to offer foundation repair estimates that are always free, accurate, and transparent (no hidden costs here!) because after years in the business, we are confident we offer fair pricing and top quality work. We work strive to fit inspections, estimates, and work around your schedule and budget.

Our foundation repairs have proven to stand the test of time and investing in small but needed foundation repairs now will save you money long term.

The team of foundation repair experts at J & M are professionally licensed and insured. Trust a foundation repair company like J & M – we are experienced, we are dependable, dependable, and we are local. We live where we work because we know the quality of our work is unmatched and our customer service can’t be beat.

Foundation Repair Services Offered

J & M offers foundation repair services in St Paul & the Twin Cities area. We are a full service company with attention to customer service. This means we successfully address all kinds of issues with basements, crawl spaces, brick work, concrete, and masonry. We offer long term solutions for cracking in walls and brickwork, shifting floors or bowing walls, flooding, leaking, and other basement water issues, and any other waterproofing needs.

Many contractors or less experienced repair service find foundations frustrating and stressful but at J & M, this is all we do. For us, we find that most foundation problems are repairable with fast, efficient, and often low-cost methods. As with most household repairs, the longer a foundation problems is allowed to grow, the more likely it is to bigger and most costly to repair. That’s why we recommend calling a professional service that specializes in foundation repair even if you only have a small crack or two.

Cracked Foundation

Foundation cracks usually start small and may not rise to the top of the home repair list. However, with time and the changing weather in Minnesota, foundation cracks will grow larger and can lead to damp basements, water leakage or even structural problems with your home’s foundation.

We offer many solutions to cracking foundation floors and walls, whether they run vertically or horizontally. Our foundation repairs are designed specifically for the problem encountered and the materials used, including brick, stone, concrete and other materials.

Call J & M Concrete and Waterproofing today at 952-892-6643 for a free foundation assessment and repair estimate.