Minneapolis Foundation Repair

J & M Concrete & Waterproofing has become one of the most trusted and reputable Minneapolis foundation repair companies. As homes age, the foundation is one place where upkeep is often overlooked. Unfortunately, like most spaces in homes, without regular upkeep and TLC, foundations start showing signs of age and may fall into disrepair. When regular upkeep and inspection of your foundation are ignored, small issues can grow into larger (and more expensive) problems. Joan and Mark at J & M have both the knowledge and equipment to assess the condition of your foundation, determine the cause of any issues, and assess what, if any, repairs are required. Our goal is always to prevent problems before they occur; we provide advice and guidance on preventative maintenance to reduce the risk that problems will develop. Catching problems early is key to keeping your foundation healthy for decades. Contact J & M now for waterproofing, routine maintenance, and foundation inspection.

Joan, Mark, and the team at J & M Concrete know basements and foundations! We are ready to take your calls, answer your questions, and work with you through common foundation issues such as wet basements or crawl spaces, cracked concrete, sump pumps, drain tiles, and foundation repair issues in general. We recognize and respect that your home is likely your biggest investment and tackling a project like foundation repair sounds intimidating (or just downright scary!). With our excellent customer service and highest quality work, we are ready to help you through this daunting home repair problem. Call us to see why J & M is a leading foundation repair company in Minneapolis, St. Paul, and the entire Metro Area.

Foundation Repair Services

At J & M, we are family-owned and operated company, with skilled professionals committed to resolving any foundation repair problem. If your home shows any of these signs of aging or foundation failure, please contact us to learn how we J & M can work with you to resolve your foundation problems.

Signs of Foundation Failure

Regular inspection and routine maintenance are key to maintaining your home’s foundation. There are several key signs to help you detect if you have a foundation problem. There are several signs that may indicate foundation failure or that foundation repair is needed. In Minneapolis, some of the most commonly seen foundation problems are:

  • Cracked or Bowing Basement Walls
  • Doors and Windows that Stick or Do Not Close Properly
  • Cracks in drywall or ceilings
  • Cracks between Bricks (in a stair-step pattern)
  • Water leakage through Cracks in Basement Walls

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Causes of Foundation Failure


Minneapolis experiences its share of weather. Hot conditions in the summer and dry weather in the winter can cause soil to pull away from the foundation. This kind of settlement results in foundation moisture imbalance and can lead to foundation cracking or foundation failure.


Transpiration results from tree roots that dehydrate the soil beneath a home, resulting in soil shrinkage and settlement of the home.
Plumbing Leaks:

Water from leaky pipes within walls or fixture and appliance flooding through floors is often a major contributor to foundation problems.


Improper drainage (especially in basements, utility rooms, and crawl spaces) can cause excess moisture. This build up can erode or consolidate soil beneath the home. Further, excessive moisture can cause settlement problems for your home.

Improper Building Site Preparation:

Home construction often requires cut and fill situations (removing dirt from part of the building site and moving to another space on the lot). Cut and fill lot preparation can cause soil imbalance and requires proper soil stabilization before the house, cabin, or other structure is built. Improperly compacted soil can move beneath the foundation of your home, causing unanticipated issues in home settling.

 Poor Soil Conditions:

Unhealthy soil, organic components, debris, and other soil contaminants can cause moisture expansion, compaction, or consolidation. When this occurs near or under homes, foundation failure can occure.


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